I couldn’t think of a better title to tell about a mother goose and her 6 kids that a female Canadian goose helped to raise.  For the past month or so I’ve checked on the baby swans every day or so and quickly figured out they were missing a father.  On a few occasions another swan would step in to fill the role but since they were born, a female goose has been standing guard watching over her adopted family.

The female goose is welcome by the mother swan since she was in really tough shape watching her young during the first few days.  But….the mother has her limits and the goose being within a foot of her kids crosses the lines and gets a strong hiss and some bites.  Sort of odd since I can get within 2-3′ of her kids with an occasional hiss but never an attack.

Some random notes for me:  she started with 6 chicks, was down to 4 a month ago and lost another one this Saturday…..the turtles are hungry?  What might be the male swan that helped out seems to have his own wife, he came over today but went back to his wife.

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