Saving a Snapping Turtle

It all started a long long time ago, actually it was this morning while driving to work but a story sounds much better if it was a long long time ago so we will stick with that.  Anyhow, I was driving my chariot to work when I noticed a rather large snapping turtle in the middle of the road.  A sea turtle might make a better story but that might be hard to believe since I live on a lake and not close to the ocean.

Back to the story….so I saw a turtle in the road and felt the need to save it before it became road kill.  Now I’m not some sort of saint or anything, I made the turtle get undressed for some nude photos before and during it’s lol rescue.  Like I’ve seen done before, I tried to get it to bite a piece of wood so I could have it hold on while I grab it by it’s tail and carry it to safety.  The turtle was laughing at my efforts and I’m pretty sure calling me some nasty names since it would attack the wood rather violently but never latch on long enough for me to pick her up by her tail.

Noticing a neighbor walking up the street who is a retired cop, I figured he must have some experience with animals in the road or at least direct traffic so the turtle and me don’t get run over.  Over the next 10-15 minutes we tried everything until we just took two boards and pushed the turtle across the road to safety. Note-it’s easier to push a large turtle across a road on it’s shell/back than when they are able to grab the road with their massage claws!




Looking back, I have no doubt I saved the turtle from getting run over but I’m not sure if we put her on the side of the road she wanted to be on.  Oh well, I guess it’s a 50/50 chance….  I searched Youtube for a proper method of moving snapping turtles and found the following video, it’s a little insane since the guy teaches you how to carry them by their belly but worth a look at if you want to save one or bring one home alive for turtle soup.




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