Since everyone is searching for answers to their questions about weed in Jamaica and most sites have misleading answers I decided to truthfully answer these questions.  This is not a how to guide to find great Ganja in Jamaica, rather it’s a guide to keep you out of jail while you vacation in Jamaica.

Ganja in Jamaica Questions

Question:  Is weed legal in Jamaica?

Answer:  While most websites tell your that it is legal or the laws are not enforced it is in fact ILLEGAL and the laws are enforced.

Question:  Does everyone in Jamaica smoke Ganja?

Answer:  (Laughing) NO!   Depending on which poll results you look at the use of weed (Ganja) in Jamaica is not much different than other countries.  While most tourists think that everyone in Jamaica walks around smoking herb all day, in most cases you will not see anyone in public smoking it.

Question:  I hear that you can walk down the streets smoking a joint and nobody will bother you, is that true?

Answer:  No!  The Jamaican police will more than likely talk to you about breaking one of their laws, you could end up in jail!

Question:  How do I smuggle weed back from Jamaica?

Answer:  I would suggest placing it in your eye sockets or cutting a hole in your chest to safely smuggle Ganja.  <—-Kidding!  I would actually suggest forgetting about any attempt to smuggle weed from Jamaica.  If it is in your luggage or on your body the dogs will find it.  If you insert it in your rectum (ass) they can hold you for a few days in a hospital while they monitor your stool (poop) for any special little baggies.  If you are caught with it at the airport you will go to jail for months if not years, in my opinion it is not worth ruining your life over a little bag of weed.

Question:  I hear you can buy weed at the airports in Jamaica, is that true?

Answer:  Yes it’s true, both drug dealers and the Jamaican police sell it at the airport, in plain clothes could you tell them apart?  I would not risk going to jail before you even leave the airport.

Question:  I hear Jamaica has road blocks, do they check for weed?

Answer:  While most of the road blocks are checking to make sure that the cars are safe and that your driver has a proper license to operate a taxi they are also checking for drugs.  I would not suggest transporting weed in a car in Jamaica–nor a truck or a bus.

Question:  Should I take a “Ganja Tour” and buy weed from the farmers?

Answer:  Rumor has it that some of these Ganja tour operators tip off the police in exchange for the rights to operate their tour.  Once you leave they are never going to see you again so a quick call to a shady cop will earn the cop a bribe and they will get their weed back to sell to the next tourist.  It’s really a gamble and an expensive gamble at that so I would not suggest it.

Question:  Where is the best place in Jamaica to buy Ganja?

Answer:  I already said that this was not going to be a guide about how to buy weed in Jamaica!  Honestly, I would assume that if you buy it at home from people that you trust you should try the same thing in Jamaica.  Find a crowd of 20 Jamaicans and jump up and down with a $20 bill yelling “I want to buy some herb” and a few of them might have what you are looking for.  Granted all 20 of them will laugh at you but you will end up with some herb.  I forgot to mention that you should jump up and down on one foot while patting your head with your left hand, this will let them know that you are not the police.

Question:  I hear that Jamaican’s sell tourist all of the crappy weed and keep the best for other Jamaicans, how do I get the good weed?

Answer:  Become a Jamaican or become friends with a Jamaican and buy it from their friends.  Tourists will end up with the low grade herb since the seller will never see them again.  Think of it this way, what would you sell your friends and what would you sell some random guy from 1000 miles away?

Question:  I was reading about how the Bob Marley tour is the only legal place in Jamaica to smoke Ganja, is that true?

Answer:  No, smoking weed at the Bob Marley tour is as ILLEGAL as smoking it in the back seat of a police car.  The same goes for smoking it on Sunday’s, smoking after dark, smoking while standing on one leg, smoking if you do a Bill Clinton and lie about inhaling……..SMOKING WEED IN JAMAICA IS ILLEGAL!

Question:  How much does weed cost in Jamaica?

Answer:  For the third or fourth time, this is not a guide about buying weed in Jamaica!  I’m getting tired of these sorts of questions.  You will end up paying between $15 and $100 a 1/4 ounce depending on the size of the wad that you pull out of your pocket and how much of a sucker you are.  I’ve heard reports of a half of a pound going for as little as $50 but who really needs that much for a vacation?

Question:  I keep reading that getting caught with weed is no big deal since you can just bribe all of the Jamaican police, is this true?

Answer:  While rumor has it that some Jamaican police will accept bribes, the fact is that most of them enforce the law and they will not accept bribes.  It’s really a bad gamble to hope that you get caught by a bad cop instead of one that will put you in jail for months or years.  Speaking of bribes, do you really want to risk getting caught so you can bribe a police officer $50-$1000 dollars and in some cases more?  If you can’t refrain from breaking the Ganja laws in Jamaica at least reduce your risk as much as possible.

Tips for staying out of jail in Jamaica

1.  Don’t transport weed in a car, truck or van.

2.  Don’t buy weed at the airports.

3.  Don’t buy weed from police officers.

4.  Don’t smuggle weed or even think about smuggling it!

5.  Don’t buy it on tours.

6.  Don’t buy it where others can witness the crime.

7.  Don’t use it in places where police officers might linger.  Just because some of the local Rasta’s are getting away with it does not mean that you will not go to jail.

8.  Don’t buy pounds of it, you don’t want to explain to a judge that you had no intent of reselling it and that you were going to smoke all of it.

9.  Checks all of your luggage and all of your pockets for any weed before you leave Jamaica.  “Oops, I forgot about the bud in my pocket” will get you a first class ticket to jail when they find it at the airport.

10.  Don’t get tempted by any of the “we will compress it, wrap it and shove it up your butt” services, not only can you get caught, it is just a sick thought and it is really hard to explain to your grandmother.

Hopefully this article had helped clear up some of the myths surrounding Ganja in Jamaica.  While the topic has nothing to do with the purpose of this website, we get a bunch of visitors to this site that are planning a vacation to Jamaica and we don’t want to read about them going to jail.  The authors and owners of this website do not endorse breaking the law and this article is not intended as a guide on how to break the law.

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19 Responses

  1. 1 amart
    2008 Dec 12

    You sound like a puss

  2. 2 Eco Tours
    2008 Dec 12

    Thank you for the nice comment Amart. Hopefully you learned something other than discovering that I’m a puss.

  3. 3 JC
    2008 Dec 15

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love this blog. heehee.

    Wanna hear a funny story? I know someone (not saying who), who bought a couple spliffs in JA. She smoked one and lost the other one, never to find it again.

    3 months later when she was packing her bags to go to JA again she found the missing spliff IN HER SUITCASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means she successfully transported it back to Canada.

    NO this was NOT me. I don’t smoke weed and never have.
    And I would NOT recommend ever trying this. Because the next trip we went on, we were RANDOMLY detained and searched at immigration on our way home.

  4. 4 Eco Tours
    2008 Dec 15

    Assuming I know the person that you are talking about then I know an international drug smuggler? Scary to think about what would of happened if she got caught—those news stories on how they treat people in the Jamaican jails are scary.

  5. 5 JC
    2008 Dec 16

    Yea I was kinda creeped out when she found it too. Actually, believe it or not, that’s not the first person I know who got some of that stuff home.

    And those news stories are true….I know a prison guard in Spanish Town. You do NOT wanna be in jail in JA.

  6. 6 YardEdge
    2008 Dec 22

    this was hilarious and all true!

    yardedge, jamaica

  7. 7 Eco Tours
    2008 Dec 22

    Thanks Yard Edge, while I don’t really have an interest in promoting ganja tourism it’s funny looking at the search terms that people use to find this page. “where’s the best weed in Jamaica”, “Can I go to jail for smoking weed in Jamaica” “how to smuggle weed from Jamaica”.

    While doing some research for the article I found sites that advertise ganja tours—IMO that’s like waving a flag to the DEA agents!

  8. 8 Favorite Jamaica Questions - Part 2 | Jamaica My Way
    2009 Apr 02

    […] Q: Jamaica grass. A: Hmmmm…..try CLICKING HERE. […]

  9. 9 Smuggla
    2009 Apr 02

    Oooh dear what a story about your friend transporting weed back in her suitcase. How lucky was she??!! What if the border people..thinking she was some random person from the US with the same name and birthday…searched her suitcase and she ended up in jail with a kinky manly lady by the distuiguished name of Big Balls Bertha!!! Not fun!!

    Fantastic blog mista Eco!!

  10. 10 P-mart
    2009 Apr 02

    Amart…sounds like the ghetto version of K-mart!!

    As for bring weed home…NOT ADVISABLE. It’s possible but it’s like jumping off a cliff…you take a fifty fifty , chance of dying…although it’s actually probably more like 70 for dying, twenty for survival. Airports, especially if your going to the US or through it, are pretty thorough…person who brought it home in suitcase up above..was extremly lucky and I’m sure about had a heart attack upon finding it..a pleasant heartattack, but heartattack never the less. Not worth it!

  11. 11 J-Mart
    2009 Apr 07

    Nothing to say LOL. I just wanted to be a Mart too. I’ve already spoken on this topic. 😀

  12. 12 Janet
    2009 Sep 29

    I’ve seen weed on sale in downtown Kingston and the police just walk by cos they’ve got better things to do than arresting ppl for selling it. In other parishes its an instant arrest and charge for possession.
    Regarding the road blocks — the police do random spot checks for weapons and drugs so BE CAREFUL

  13. 13 welsh j
    2010 Mar 05

    Just on way back to jamaica to negril … best weed on island kush ak47 etc got a guy does a ounce for $15 us dollars … an i always bring a ounce back up my ass lol xx

  14. 14 Eco Tours
    2010 Mar 05

    If it’s really good stuff e-mail me his contact info, I’ll be in Negril in a month.

  15. 15 gary dark
    2011 May 11

    $15 an ounce? Must really be some good shit.

  16. 16 Heather
    2011 May 21

    hey, this sounds weird but what if you are in the airport and someone sneaks some into your pocket? like in bridget jones? im always scared this will happen haha!!!

  17. 17 Eco Tours
    2011 May 22

    That would suck! On my last trip they held us up at the gate forever before we could get off of the plane since ICE got a tip that someone was smuggling something. Walking up the ramp from the plane with two ICE agents behind us and another two in front of us with a dog, the dog hit on the guy walking next to me. At first I was worried about something on me even though I knew or thought I had nothing on me.

    Along the same lines, look at the news from a week or so ago when going into JA they found some pastor guy with a single 22 cal bullet in his luggage….scary!

  18. 18 Dominos menu
    2011 May 28

    All my current issues are solved by your writing.

  19. 19 Andrew
    2011 Nov 08

    So… I’m confused, is smoking ganja in Jamaica legal?

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