A few pictures of my injuries after jumping off of the back of a scooter in Jamaica when it was about to crash.  These pictures were taken a few days after the crash and they healed up really quick with aloe, coconut water, ocean water and mineral baths.  8 hours after the crash I was riding scooters again and continued to do so for the next week until I left Jamaica.

In hindsight pants might have saved me from the road rash :-)

scooter 1

scooter 2

scooter 3

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  1. 1 Jamaica My Way
    2010 Jun 02

    OMG who the hell was driving that thing!!!!! Why was it crashing!!

  2. 2 Eco Tours
    2010 Jun 02

    I was riding with a local friend.

    Crashing= hit a giant pot hole that caused the back tire to blow out…..the bike was swerving all over the road and then off the road….time to put on a parachute and jump off the back.

    More to the story

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