Pictures of Pilgrim Memorial State Park

The Pilgrim Memorial State Park is located in Plymouth MA and in my opinion it is a must see if you have any interest in our history.  Aside from a lack of free parking and the fact that they are not shy when it comes to charging you to go on the Mayflower 2 (a reproduction of the original) the park is full of history.  Since you might have to park a few blocks away you can enjoy a nice walk along the ocean and there is plenty of sea glass to collect on the beach.

Picture of Plymouth Rock

The “Plymouth Rock” cracks me up, people travel from all over the world to see it and then complain about how boring it is.  I don’t see how people would expect a rock to be anything less than boring so enjoy my boring picture of it.

Pilgrim Memorial State Park Mayflower

I will do another post about the Mayflower 2 since I took a bunch of pictures of it.  The Mayflower 2 is a working sail boat that goes out from time to time and it is generally staffed with a couple of actors.  These actors play the part of the crew and passengers and are able to answer just about any question that you can dream up.  The tour is expensive but in my opinion it is worth the money.  We ended up buying an annual family membership for $115 that allows us to go on the Mayflower and the Plantation tour 3 miles down the ocean.

Pilgrim Memorial State Park eco tour

Our new Weimaraner joined us for the tour with the exception of going on the Mayflower.  My daughter had a blast walking him and asking dozens of questions of the tour staff.  We ended up going to Plymouth twice in the same week for the tours and will hopefully return next weekend before the close for the season.

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