Picture of National fish hatchery

The National Fish Hatchery in North Attleboro MA is a great place to show kids of all ages about how fish stocking programs work.  This Hatchery nurtures fish from when they are extracted from their mothers until they are released in our streams and rivers.

Over the past 10 years I have visited the North Attleboro hatchery about 30 times to show others the size of the “monster fish” in some of the holding pools.  Once in a while one of the workers will give us a full tour of the hatchery, if not we just walk around and enjoy what is open without a tour.  If you are looking to tour the Hatchery I would suggest calling ahead and setting up a time.  One IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE is DON’T SHOW UP AFTER USING LAWN CHEMICALS!  The staff at the National Hatchery will not risk the wellbeing of their stock to visitors that have chemicals on them.

National fish hatchery north attleboro MA

You can walk up to this outdoor holding pool and look at the fish without anyone around.  The fish in this pool are 30+ inches long and they just swim around a pose for pictures.  On a good day they will dance and do headstands while singing.  Hopefully you don’t believe my last statement or you might be upset when they just swim around and let you take some pictures.

fish in a fish hatchery

This pictures fails to show how large these fish are!  The only thing you can use to judge their size is the pine neddles that are floating above the lower fish.  While I did not count, the pool had about 20 large fish.  If you are from other areas of the country and you are looking to visit a Hatchery, don’t worry about a long travel as they are all over the country.

Once you are done at the fish hatchery be sure to visit the free petting farm and kid’s play area just two minutes away!

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