Hire Us

If you are looking for someone to take photos of your tour and feature it on this blog or on your own site then feel free to contact us.  We can travel to your location at your expense and spend between 3-7 days taking photos and writing about what your tours have to offer.

We require:

Round trip airfare from Boston MA (USA).

Ground Transportation.

Lodging and meals.

Travel expenses.

Fees are based on distance and time requirements, please contact us for our current rates.


1. 1.7 ounces of green toe nail polish per working week.

2.  9.8 ounces of pure Aloe packaged in an organic container.

3.  7 bottles of Jamaican overproof rum in a wooden crate (cardboard is not acceptable at all).

4.  6 12″x16.5″ microfiber hand towels per day.  These will need to be washed daily with bio-diesel soap and air dried to less than 2% moisture content.