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My youngest daughter has been running around with her camera taking pictures of anything and EVERYTHING!  This evening she saw this one on my computer and wanted to take a picture of it….NO…NO…NO….the sunset is outside the back door, take your own pictures.  I’m glad she’s putting some miles on the camera I gave her that cost me nothing.

My image, she can post her own.


With a 1/2 an hour to kill in the Andover MA area, I drove around and discovered a cute little frozen waterfall that was fighting the cold weather in attempts to move it’s flow of water.  Clearly the cold weather was winning since only a small percentage of the waterfall was still able to move the icy water.


On the left side of the river was a nice big parking lot that provided a nice stable footing to capture some pictures of this waterfall but the no trespassing signs scared me away.  One or two signs are easy to ignore but when they are plastered all over the place, it’s hard to claim that I did not see them.  On the other side of the river is a little industrial area that had a few cars in the parking lot and I could not find one no trespassing sign!



canadian geese on ice

While the smart Canadian geese are chilling on the beaches in Florida, the mentally defective ones are chilling on my lake for the winter.  When they get bored sitting on the ice they jump into the icy water for a nice refreshing lap or two.  Once in a while they find it entertaining to let the ice form around them while they are sleeping (no BS, look at the third picture).

retarded canadian geese

picture of geese getting iced in

Cold weather and changes in the tide creates salt water ice art.

A guy with a camera takes pictures of the ice art.

You look at the pictures and think…….

picture of salt water ice art

This rock is about the size of a kitchen garbage can (as if you care).

salt water ice art

This is what happens when the tide goes out and the ice is lowered onto the rocks in the water.

picture of ice in salt water

This is a close up shot of “salt water ice art”.

picture of a winter sunset

It’s winter, I’m cold and bored!

Does saltwater really freeze?

Can the ocean really freeze?

What does a frozen bay look like?

Having spent about half of my life within a mile of the ocean I have only seen salt water ice over a few times.  This morning it was a chilly -9 degrees and I took a break from working outdoors to check on my sailboat .  The following pictures were taken at the RIYC in Cranston RI (USA).

frozen salt water

Since it was rather cold I only watched the salt water turn into ice for about 10-15 minutes.  For some reason I didn’t want my family to read “man freezes to death while watching icy salt water” in our local paper!  I can’t tell if the ice starts off as the odd shaped circles and when they bond they create the larger masses or if the tide breaks up the larger masses into the odd shapes.

ice forming in salt water

picture of frozen salt water in a bay

This would make a perfect “name the picture”!  It sort of looks like pieces of a puzzle and it answers the question about “can ice water freeze”.  Today was also the annual “polar plunge” at RIYC, as of the time of this post I could not locate and YouTube footage of the event.