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A dragonfly at the Royal Palm Reserve outside of Negril Jamaica.

dragon fly

A bird, a sky, a picture……..

charles 2

A place that I will review later, just needed a place to upload an image from for now.


Swans chilling on my lake.

swans a chillin 2

swans a chillin 1

Another I-Phone photo.  A collection of gifts for the kids in Jamaica that will be handed out on my next trip.  All of these were bought at a “dollar store” for a total of $60 US.

for the kids of jamaica

Jamaican Bird

These pictures of Jamaican birds were taken on the fisherman’s beach in Salem Jamaica.  The birds waited around for most of the day in hopes of a handout from one of the fishermen.  If you walk along the beaches in Jamaica you are bound to see several birds while they search the shore lines for bait fish or for a tasty treat that washes up on the beach.

Jamaican Birds

Birds in Jamaica

Jamaican bird in flight

picture of a jamaican bird

Jamaican Bar Sign

Jamaica is full of little bars about the size of an average shed.  The Jamaican beaches are surrounded by beach bars that stock both warm and cold beer.  Finding a mixed drink is not going to happen in most of these small bars so learn to settle for a cold beer or two.  The sign in the picture (above) is found in most bars since they all intent to apply for a license but never get around to it.

picture of a bar on the beach in Jamaica

We spent a few hours at this Jamaican beach bar cooling off in the shade between taking pictures of the beach and the trees.

photo of a Beach Bar in Jamaica

This Jamaican bartender opened his bar so I could take pictures, like most Jamaican’s he was very happy to show off his business.  If you plan to party in one of these small bars let them know to put some extra beer on the ice, when they run out of cold beer they tend to serve warm beer.