Archive for Pictures of Birds

A few pictures of a duck at the zoo in Mendon MA.

duck 1

duck 2

duck 3

A funky bird at the Royal Palm nature reserve outside of Negril Jamaica.

orange head

A bird that flew into my picture.

fly by

A duckling at the Royal Palm Reserve outside of Negril Jamaica.


A bird, a sky, a picture……..

charles 2

A place that I will review later, just needed a place to upload an image from for now.


Today we witnessed 3 male turkeys trying to impress a hen so one could win the mating rights for the 2010 breeding season.  I still can’t figure out if the males are showing off their feathers or proving that they wipe after they go to the bathroom.

turkeys in mating season

Showing off to the female turkey

Back yard swans.

For the past few days my 3 year old has been having fun calling for the swans “here swany swany swany” lol and the darn things actually come over……looking for food.  Tonight we fed the female one with the skinny neck and all was well until she called over her asshole of a boyfriend (the one with the thick neck).  The boyfriend hissed and acted like an ass in general every time I stopped feeding him to take some pictures.

back yard swans 1

back yard swans 2

back yard swans 3

After hand feeding some Canadian geese and pulling on their beaks when they tried their luck biting me they calmed down and posed for a few pictures.  The darn geese got so comfortable with me that they ended up being to close for the focal length of my 35-70mm lens!

Canadian geese 1

Canadian geese 2

Canadian geese 3