Archive for Jamaican Roadside Pictures

Shy of a Jamaican Police roadblock 30 minutes east of the Mobay airport we did not see many police cars on the roads.  During my week in Jamaica I only saw a couple of uniformed police officers so I can only conclude that it is not a police state.  This is a picture of the police station in Claremont Jamiaca which is on the north coast.

Jamaican beef and chicken patties are nice and Juicy unlike the dried out ones that are sold in the United States.  The crust is like a perfect pie crust, nice and flaky which requires eating it from the brown paper bag that it is served in.  The beef or chicken filling is a little on the spicy side which warms you up while filling your stomach.  A trip to Jamaica without Jamaican patties is not possible!

Some of the simple store names just crack me up!  Jamaican’s know how to use simple branding as an effective marketing tool.

On the far right is our taxi driver, the two white guys are my friends who are starting a tour company in Jamaica on the man in the middle is one of their tour guides.  For some reason it took all four of them to fill up a couple of volleyballs.  Then again the van did not have an air conditioner so every time we stopped everyone got out.

This giant dome is where mining products are stored before they are loaded on the ships that export them.  The conveyor belt that feeds the dome is 6 or 7 miles long, one of the largest in the world!

This smart Rasta man commuted on a moped to avoid the high cost of gas.  We would see him once a twice a day and generally we could hear the roar of the moped’s motor a minute or two before he appeared.  While an exhust pipe is visable in the picture, the moped was loader than a stock Harley.

This is a school in Nine Mile about a mile away from the Bob Marley tour.  It’s hard to travel anywhere in Jamaica without seeing buildings that are full of color.