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While Jamaican goats are cute they are also a source of food.  The young ones will win your heart over however they will not respond to you like the ones at a petting farm.  Generally they get a little less than comfortable when you get within a few feet of them.

The man on the right is a Jamaican farmer and part of his farming includes a large herd of goats.  He is in the process of increasing his herd to several hundred and has a very good start with this prize ram.  Every year or so they remove the existing ram and introduce a new one to the herd in order to reduce inbreeding.  The young man on the left is the farmer’s son and he is mastering the art of farming since one day he will have to take over his father’s farm.

Pictures like this make it a little hard to look forward to a nice plate of Jamaican Curried goat!  These cute Jamaican goats will one day end up on a someone’s dinner plate.  During my stay on this Jamaican farm I spent hours watching the goats play and took hundreds of pictures of them.

I honestly think that someone trained these goats to pose for my pictures!  I took a dozen or so pictures of them in order to overcome some lighting issues and they kept a perfect pose the whole time.

When I first read about goats climbing trees I thought someone was putting me on.  After a search of Google images I found a bunch of photos that proved that some goats can climb trees.  These two young goats spent about 1/2 of an hour practicing the art of climbing trees while I watched.  Everytime I went on the other side of the fence in order to take clearer pictures they refused to pose for me.