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The following pictures of Jamaican flowers were taken in April of 2009 on the north shore of Jamaica.  Walking around the hills of Jamaica with my eyes focused on the ground I was able to find some really small flowers along with the giant flowers that are hard to miss.  Enjoy!











Stay tuned for part two of my 2009 collection of Jamaican flower pictures.

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Even more Jamaican Flowers

One more Flowers in Bloom in Jamaica

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Jamaican Flowers

This flower decided to grow in a wooden planter that was used to cut open coconuts so we could drink the milk.  The flower seemed to enjoy the surplus coconut milk as it’s source for water.

White Jamaican Flower

This flower looks almost like a fake silk flower, I had to actually play with it in order to make sure that it was real.

Flower in Jamaica with a Jamaican Bee

The bees were busy on this giant bloom while I was taking photos so I decided to capture them at work.  For some reason the Jamaican bees decided to leave me alone, I left without being attacked!

Jamaican Plants

I’m not sure exactly what this is but I loved the transition from the shades of green to almost a pure yellow.  A trip to the Jamaican countryside without enjoying the plants, trees and flowers is not possible in my opinion!

Waking up with ants in my pants (a saying, I really didn’t have ants in my pants) I decided to take a walk around the Jamaican farm that we were staying on.  Within a few steps of the farm I noticed beautiful Jamaican flowers all over the place.  These flowers were not planted in pots or rows, these just grew on their own.  It was hard to venture in any direction without see flowers in bloom.

I somehow managed to take a few hundred pictures of the flowers without every thinking of getting their names!  If you can name these flowers, please leave a comment so I can put a proper title on them- until then they are just “Jamaican Flowers”.

This is my favorite flower, the actual head on it is only about an inch wide but you can pick up on how it glows from about 30 yards away.  It reminds me of little LED lights.

On this flower the leaves compete with the blooms!  If you look at the lower left you can see how the leaf colors stick out more than the blooms.  I will have to return to Jamica in order to get a few photos of the flower in full bloom.

Jamaican Flower in Bloom

I loved how this plant staggered it’s blooms so it could always show off something nice.  The flowers in Jamaica have pride just like the Jamaican people!

Pink and White Jamaican Flower

These two photos are from in front of the farm that we stayed in the the mountains of Jamaica.  By the end of the week both of these flowers ended up with dead blooms for some reason.

Flowers of Jamaica

Cluster of Flowers in Jamaica

I’ll try to post another picture of this flower, I just love how the bloom is made up of several little flowers that make it appear as one large bloom.

This emerging bloom tried it’s best to provide me with a few photos, over the week that I was there it came out a little more each day.  On my next visit I plan to attempt to time lapse this Jamaican flower.