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Most if not all coastal towns in Jamaica have a fisherman’s beach where local fishermen can moor their boats and set up their shops.  Along the roadside the shops spread out over maybe 100-200 yards.  Most of the shops are little huts where the vendors sell fish, beer, water, wooden carvings and other crafts.  You sort of need to walk up and ask for what you want since the vendors generally do not have any signage declaring what they sell.
Most of the Jamaican roadside stands sell water for about 50 JD and Red Stripe beer for about 120JD, with a 70JD to 1USD you can do the math to figure out how affordable these roadside stands are.
Most of the vendors and fishermen actually live in the back areas of their store fronts or in small huts behind them.  After spending several hours over a week hanging out at one of these fishermen beaches I never once saw a bathroom or showering area.  When I asked where the men’s room was, I was informed to find a spot and to just go.  The first spot I found looked like a tin 3 sided garbage pit but I soon found out that I was about to urinate on someone’s cook stove!  Most if not all cooking is done outside in open pit fireplaces— what I was about to use as a restroom.