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Walking in a pool of fire

Cooking on water that is on fire.

Over my first couple of days in Jamaica everyone was mentioning a place called Fire Water or Fire on the Water.  The stories were about how you can light the water and cook on it or get a rub down with the water from one of the tour guides.  Knowing my tour guides, I felt that the whole fire on the water thing was just a joke that they were planning on me.

Once we arrived at Fire on the Water any thought of it being a joke or trick quickly left my mind.  I was escorted to a 15’x 15’ stone pool that was about 12”-16” deep with bubbling water from some sort of  a spring.  On one side of the pool natural gasses rose from the spring and the tour guides were able to light the Sulfur for a flame that rose about 6”-12”.
The water is used for curing all sorts of internal and external ailments from skin problems to respiratory ailments.  I was instructed to drink a few handfuls of the water prior to them letting me play with the fire.  For about 15 minutes I was able to place my hands and feet under the fire and then raise them into the fire toying with the pleasure of the heat while keeping the idea of getting a burn on my mind.  After a bunch of photos my “treatment” started.  One of the guides placed a damp towel over the flames to heat the towel and then placed in on my face, arms, legs and feet.
The treatment was an odd mix of a massage and skin treatment.  The towel was very hot and after a brief massage any tension was released from my body.  Since I have never had a professional massage the entire experience left my body feeling new for the first time.  Breathing in the hot moist air from the heated towel cleared up my congested nasal passages leaving me with a hard to explain “new out of the box” feeling.

Water on Fire

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