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Tonight’s sunset was a quick blast of red and orange colors that lasted maybe 15 minutes. It started with a nice pink color and then switched over in a flash.  Rushing to finish up an errand, I was able to snap (no tripod/no time for finding cute foregrounds)  a few pictures and then it was over.  In my opinion a nice sunset takes away from the depressing time (too early) that the sun decides to set…

red orange sunset


red orange sunset



red orange sunset


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Two random pics from the zoo

attleboro zoo 1

attleboro zoo 2

The south east part of Rhode Island is the home of sod farms, nice country drives and in the fall one of the farmers creates “Hay Art”.  While displaying your season’s harvest is a practice that’s  been around since man first harvested crops, this is the first time I’ve ever seen these types of creations.

pictures of hay art

hay art

picture of round bails of hay made into art

Late this fall we spent a couple days in Plymouth MA exploring the parks and attractions and came across a nice patch of fall cabbage.  When all of the other blooms are dried up for the season and the leaves are done showing off their fall colors, fall cabbage still brings beauty to the outdoors.

Pink Fall Cabbage

Pink Fall Cabbage

White Fall Cabbage

White Fall Cabbage

Picture of Fall Cabbage Changing Colors

Picture of Fall Cabbage Changing Colors

picture of farm stand vegetables

Fresh farm stand vegetables are cheap and healthy for you!  Originally I was going to post this on another one of my blogs but something is wrong with the image uploading function so here goes;

While driving through the State forest in Foxboro the other day we passed by a bunch of green houses that were on a farm and found a little roadside vegetable stand.  Oddly enough most of the roadside stands that I shop at are on the honor system.  Everything has a price and you leave you money in the coffee can if you wish to make a purchase.

The green peppers were 25 cents each and the other peppers were 10 cents each.  Everything in the picture came to a total of $2.00!  When you compare these prices to your local supermarket you will see that roadside farm stands are clearly the winner when it comes to price.  When it comes to taste, these veggies are also the winner.

So, what does this have to do with Eco Tours, I have no clue!  Maybe you can hop on your bike this weekend if the weather is nice and head out to the country and find a nice roadside veggie stand, I’ll give you credit for having an Eco Tour.

Picture of nature walk

This afternoon’s project with my kids was a nature walk in Foxboro MA.  The greater Foxboro are is full of State and Town forest that offer all sorts of trails to walk, hike and bike on.  Most of these trails are not marked and for the most part, most people do not even know that they exist.  Today’s nature walk in New England started at the Foxborough Dog Park.

On the side on the right side of the dog park is an old wooden bridge that will lead you into a forest of pine and oak trees.  After a few hundred yards there are a bunch of old paved roads that don’t really lead anywhere.  I don’t care to research the history of the roads, the present day use as walking or biking trails is my only interest.

Picture of nature walk in the fall

Since this nature walk was in a forest with many paths and roads, it was a good opportunity to show my kids how to mark our trails with rocks or branches so we could find our way back.  With frost at night time it is not the best time of year to teach kids how to get lost in the town forest.  This will be a perfect place to teach them how to use a compass next summer.

Picture of kids on a nature walk

This is a picture of one of the roads in the forest that is paved but it doesn’t really lead anywhere.  The fall in New England is a great place for an Eco Tour in one of the many town and state forest.

haunted halloween trail

Today was a perfect fall day to get the kids out of our home to enjoy nature before the cold weather sets in.  Since it’s Halloween season we decided to check with Winslow Farm’s in Norton MA to see if they had anything special going on.  Once a year Winslow farms turn their nature walk area into a big outdoor haunted Halloween area.

halloween outdoor events

halloweeen at  petting farm

Our kids had a blast petting the animals and walking on the now haunted nature trails!  Since they are only 2 & 7 we are not bringing them back for the evening haunting Halloween events.  I’m sure that an outdoor haunted trail is a little bit more scary than that you might find indoors at a local school.

nature trail norton ma

Winslow Farms at Halloween

For other pictures of Winslow farms please view this page of our website.

free public park art

Every day for the past couple of weeks I’ve found an excuse to leave my car or home to watch the fall foliage.  Getting outdoors during the foliage season is a great way to take a quick Eco Tour without the hassles that come with long distance travel.  Today we went to a public park in Foxboro MA so the kids could play and I could take a walk and a few photo’s.

fall foliage photos

Bright colors of fall foliage

Since the ground is now starting to get covered by leaves my days of taking fall foliage photos are limited.

free public park in Foxboro MA